Jan. 20, 2017: Charleston, SC

Charleston has been a whirlwind of walking and eating, our two favorite things.  The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous, although that will change on Sunday.  We love to each breakfast out, and we had one of the best meals of our lives at Hominy Grill.  I don’t know if you can fall in love with a restaurant, but I’m close.

We are staying at the Charleston City Marina, which is ridiculously swanky at a very reasonable price ($2.15/ft but stay 6 days and get a 7th free, so it works out to $1.84 a foot over 7 days).  It has the hallmark of a good marina:  when we ask, “Can you <insert request here>,” the answer is always yes.  The bathrooms and private shower rooms are spotless, the floating docks are in fantastic shape, the coffee in the office is good, and they even deliver a paper every day.

We are on the megadock, which is a floating dock that is 1000 feet long.  It’s the largest floating dock on the east coast, and it’s awesome.  Kestrel looks like a toy compared to the giant yachts that are here.

This marina has a courtesy shuttle that we’ve been absolutely wearing out.  Over the past three days we’ve walked all through downtown seeing the expensive shops, huge mansions, and lovely historic buildings.  We’ve strolled the Battery and visited the National Park Service’s Fort Sumter Education Center. There are trees everywhere here, and the sense and weight of history is thick.  Everything is OLD.

Today we visited Patriot’s Point and toured a submarine (the USS Clagamore), a destroyer (the USS Laffey), and an aircraft carrier (the USS Yorktown) which was full of jets and helicopters.  I took a ride in the Navy Flight Simulator, which was crazy and fun.
We rode the bus out to Patriot’s Point ($2 per person) but ended up taking an Uber back to the marina.  We’ve taken Uber a couple of times here, and it’s very inexpensive.  Pickup times have been about 5 minutes from request, so no complaints there.