Short post today from our anchorage just off of Key Biscayne.  We left the Dinner Key mooring field and motored about an hour across Biscayne Bay.  Tomorrow we will sail to Rodriguez Key and anchor out.

Today is a day of milestones:

We have now travelled over 2500 nautical miles (2875 statute miles) since we began our journey.

As I was preparing dinner, we noticed a familiar-looking sailboat anchoring near us.  It was the same boat that we were on when we took a sailing course in 2010; this was the first time I had been on a sailboat for any extended period of time, and the Captain and I did a lot of dreaming about our future cruising plans on that trip.  Apparently it is still in the company’s teaching fleet, and it was comforting to see that circle close.

After 2500 nm, I have finally produced a decent pan of brownies out of this darn oven.