Murals of Marathon

Marathon is a vibrant city, and I don’t just mean the people.  Many of the buildings are painted with colorful murals, and they are often in the most unlikely places.  I enjoy hunting them down and photographing them.


No mural catalog would be complete without the one we see every day on the side of the City Marina building.


This is one side of the Marathon Laundromat.  Not only is the painting well done, but it even extends into the third dimension, as shown below:



Marathon Boat Yard’s mural spans almost the entire front of the building.  The rest of it is below:



And, of course, there is the huge Wyland mural on the front of K-Mart.  Because, you know, where else would you find a giant work of art from a famous artist?


There are too many pictures to put in one post, so there will be more to come later.

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