Murals of Marathon, Part 2

The Marathon Mural project continues with some more entries.


Tilden’s has a great mural that wraps around the building, but there were too many cars parked in front of the other side.  Maybe another time.


I would need a better camera to do this one justice.  I can’t remember what store hosts it, but it is incredibly colorful and quite realistic.  It’s also huge!


This one is on the street-facing side of a cute little hotel.  I’m guessing the hoteliers like cats, because otherwise it’s kind of a weird tableau.


A “hotel” of a slightly different sort . . .


This is the creepiest take on “Dogs Playing Poker” that I’ve ever seen.  


I love this one.  This is the rear of Overseas Liquor.  The whole building is painted very whimsically and quite realistically.  See how they made the downspout a 3D palm trunk? You’ll be seeing more of this building later.


And here’s a portion of the building-spanning painting on the front of The Steak and Lobster House, home of Happy Hour from 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM.  Hell yeah!

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