Fusterlandia in Jaimanitas

Cuban artist José Fuster lived in Jaimanitas and transformed both his home, Taller-Estudio José Fuster, and the surrounding neighborhood with his art.  The project began about 20 years ago and continues today.  Houses, fences, and arches are covered in sculptures and mosaic tiles.  It’s absolutely dizzying.  These pictures don’t begin to do it justice, and it stretches for many blocks.  It’s a fascinating, living art exhibit.


The exterior of Fuster’s compound contains, among a million other things, chess pieces.


This is the entrance archway to Fuster’s house.


The interior of Fuster’s “front yard” is full of sweeping curves that have been tiled to look like children, mermaids, chickens, and all kinds of other whimsical creatures.


The interior walls are adorned with religious, political, and fantastical imagery.


Many other buildings are similarly festooned with mosiacs and tiles.  This is the local doctor’s office.


This house across from Fuster’s house has what looks like a memorial to Princess Diana.


The walls, bus stops, and other public spaces are similarly decorated.