April 3-4, 2018: Great Guana Cay, Abaco


We left Hopetown and motored 12.8 nm over to Great Guana Cay, a trip of 3 hours.  We anchored in 13 feet of water in Fisher’s Bay, a little northwest of Delia’s Cay.  The first thing we did was dinghy over to Orchid Bay marina, where we got 26 gallons of RO water for $10 (or about $0.38/gallon) in our jerry jugs.

After putting the water in the boat, we dinghied over to Grabber’s Bed, Bar, and Grill, a resort with a pool and bar.  They have a beach out front where we could beach the dinghy.


A view of Fisher’s Bay from the Grabbers beach.  Our faithful steed is parked to the right.

In service of the Rum Punch Face Off, we paid an outrageous $22 for two “Guana Grabbers.”  Ridiculous price aside, the drinks weren’t very good and were in small glasses.  We gave them two thumbs down.


The beach at Grabbers was small but pretty and was bordered with several dead trees, worn smooth by wind and sun.

We walked through town, which took about 15 minutes total.  There was a small but well-stocked grocery store, an expensive liquor store, and that was pretty much it.

Hoping for a better entry in the Rum Punch Face Off, the next day we beached the dinghy at Grabbers and walked to Nippers Beach Bar and Grill.  It is on the other side of the island from Grabbers, and we had heard that there was a “Nipper-mobile” golf cart that would come pick up and drop off passengers.  We girded ourselves for a long walk and almost died laughing when the entire trip took about ten minutes.


This backhoe sits parked on the way to Nippers.  Clearly it hasn’t been operational in some time.

It was another resort with a pool, bar, and gift shop, and it was packed to the gills with families having a great time eating, drinking, and playing in the pool.  Everything was insanely expensive, though, and we opted not to partake in Nipper’s rum punch.  When I asked the bartender what their signature drink was, he squinted at me and said, “It has alcohol.”  Way to sell it, guy.


The Nippers infinity pool.

The one thing Nippers does have is access to a gorgeous beach.  We did a little bit of beach combing and then took our leave.


Okay, there’s no way to complain about this beach.  It’s gorgeous.


The sand is silky smooth.

In sum, Great Guana Cay was too touristy for us.  As the Captain pointed out, bars on this island are examples of the Kardashian effect:  they are famous for being famous.  Beyond that, there’s no real substance.  For those who enjoy sitting on the beach all day or spending a ton of money for not much, it is a great place.  But for us, once was enough.


These dog beds (chicken beds?) were stacked up next to the bar, and the hens were chowing down on the dog food.  Classy.