Nov. 11-18, 2019: Charleston, SC

Charleston never disappoints as a place for great eating and walking around. 

Everywhere you look, there’s beautiful wrought iron fences and gates.

The weather certainly could have been nicer while we were here, but we made do.  We stayed at the Charleston City Marina on the Megadock, which always makes us feel simultaneously luxurious and tiny; most of the other boats on the Megadock are huge.

Most of the houses downtown have lovely window boxes.

We extended our stay in Charleston primarily to avoid some truly awful gales offshore.  It was the prudent choice and one we’d make again.

The thing that’s so marvelous about the buildings is the level of detail. These entry lights are massive and intricate.

But now it’s time to continue heading south.  Today we leave on a four day/three night voyage to Vero Beach, FL.  The seas and winds are forecast to be perfect for us, and we’re chomping at the bit to go.

So many of the houses have a Preservation Society plaque. I loved this one with the vines trained to encircle it.