Grenada: The Container Park

We try to balance our time between boat projects/maintenance, daily chores, and fun.  One of the fun things we did recently was to take the #1 bus from Port Louis Marina down to the True Blue roundabout, walk about a mile down True Blue Road, and then have lunch at the Container Park.

Brightly painted shipping containers line each side, and seating is in the middle.

The Container Park is a “food court” that is made of shipping containers.  It is right next to St. George’s University and is usually thronged with students, but they won’t be back until next year, so the rest of us now have it to ourselves. 

The grounds are meticulously maintained and offer many surprises tucked into corners or under stairs. The entrance to The Container Park is through the two cannons in the background.

The individual shipping containers are painted different vibrant colors and house a variety of food-truck style restaurants, including Mexican, Thai, Cuban, burgers, smoothies, and coffee house fare.  There is a playground for the kids and a bar for the adults, as well as tons of covered and open picnic table seating. 

The man who owns Mocha Spoke and Burger Spoke also offers bicycle repairs at–you guessed it–the Bike Spoke. Patrons drop off their bikes at Mocha Spoke for onsite repairs while they sip a coffee. Talk about full service!
The lady who runs The Cuban Place is Cuban, and this is the best Cuban food we’ve had outside of Miami.
Behind this cannon is Flavour House (green) and Little Mexico (blue).

When school is in session, the Container Park hosts lots of events such as the Friday Food Festival and karoke (barf).  A few weeks ago they started a movie night that has gotten very popular among cruisers.  I’m in heaven, because I am addicted to movies and haven’t been to a proper movie theater in years.  Every Wednesday, they show a movie (usually an action movie) from Netflix that is projected on a large wall that has been painted white. 

This photo from last Wednesday’s movie night is courtesy of Jodi Bratton, a cruiser who organizes the movie night each week.

The sound quality is great (thanks to those karoke speakers), and it’s kind of like going to a drive-in movie:  sitting in the soft Caribbean dark, listening to the frogs sing, watching people on the big screen shoot and stab and punch each other.  What could be better?

This photo is courtesy of Jodi Bratton. The screen is to the right. Shortly before the movie started, we turned the benches so that we could all see.