Grenada: Sights Around St. George’s

This beautiful mural is on the wall next to the Sea Breeze Hotel. The island nations who have banned single-use plastics have it right; they generally don’t have recycling facilities, so the best way to address plastic trash is to eliminate it to start off.
Grenada supplies almost 20% of the world’s nutmeg, second only to Indonesia which produces 75%. Nutmeg is an important part of Grenada’s identity, and it provides income to about 30% of the island population. It appears on the national flag and on these intricate light fixtures ringing the Carenage.
A big part of the Grenadian can-do attitude is reflected in the reuse of items that could be considered trash. Instead, they are turned into something useful and, with a little bit of work, lovely.
Here’s a little more can-do: if your ladder won’t reach the overhead wires, just climb on your excavator.
Steel drums or steel pans are a popular instrument here. The Saturday before Carnival, a steel band competition known as Panorama is held. This steel band won the 2019 Grenada Panorama and is in downtown St. George’s. If you’d like to see their winning song on YouTube, click here.
Have you ever noticed while driving that if there’s a shoe on the side of the road, it’s always ONE shoe? It’s never a pair. Well, we think we know where the other shoes can be found!