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Jaimanitas, Cuba

Marina Hemingway is located right next to the town of Jaimanitas.  The best part of this, as far as we were concerned, is that this is a normal Cuban neighborhood that does not cater to tourists.  Once we walked off … Continue reading

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Varadero to Marina Hemingway, Cuba

When we departed Cayo Blanco, we had to check out with the Guarda Frontiera in Varadero and obtain our cruising permit (Permiso Especial de Navegación Para Embarcaciones de Recreo Extranjeras).  The cruising permit is different from the Despacho; it is … Continue reading

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Varadero and Cuban Economics 101

We knew that Varadero would not be representative of Cuba as it primarily a tourist area, filled with resorts and hotels.  It is the place were many Canadians and Europeans vacation, and the city (and to some extent the entire … Continue reading

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Feb. 2, 2018: Clearing In to Cuba

As we came alongside the Customs and Immigration dock in Varadero, there were dockhands waiting to help us with our lines.  Within minutes, we were boarded by the first official, a doctor.  I groaned inside—I hadn’t had an opportunity to … Continue reading

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February 1-2, 2018: Marathon, FL, to Varadero, Cuba

Varadero is essentially 100 miles due south of Marathon; at our average 5 knot speed, it would take us about 20 hours, so that meant an overnight passage.  Getting there requires passing through the Straights of Florida, which funnels a … Continue reading

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January 31, 2018: Goodbye, Marathon

After staying a month and a half in Boot Key Harbor, we were simultaneously eager to move on to new sights but sad to leave a place where we felt so at home.  The morning Cruisers’ nets, Tuesday afternoon dominos … Continue reading

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Murals of Marathon, Part 2

The Marathon Mural project continues with some more entries. Tilden’s has a great mural that wraps around the building, but there were too many cars parked in front of the other side.  Maybe another time. I would need a better … Continue reading

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