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Nov. 5-8, 2017: Southport, NC, to Georgetown, SC

Our offshore route from Southport to Georgetown was a comparatively short one (90 nm), so we didn’t have to leave Southport until mid-afternoon on November 5.  We spent the day on small chores and left Southport at 1530 hours.  The … Continue reading

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November 2-4, 2017: New Bern to Morehead City to Southport, NC

On November 2 we left the New Bern Grand Marina bound for Morehead City, NC.  We had to leave the marina at a particular time because the Cunningham Bridge is closed from 0630 to 0830 on weekdays with one courtesy … Continue reading

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October 31-November 1, 2017: Oriental to New Bern, NC

Our long summer in Oriental has come to an end, and on October 31 we set sail for New Bern.  We were going to leave Oriental after our work was done in August.  However, once we looked at how little … Continue reading

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July 22, 2017: Breaking News: The Stove Is IN!

Mark this day on your calendar:  our brand new, sexy-as-hell Dickinson Mediterranean 3-burner stove is installed! It only took us two days, which was a welcome surprise. Normally I wouldn’t devote an entire post to one project, but this one … Continue reading

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July 4-16, 2017: Almost there

We are finally back in the water, where we belong. We were splashed on July 13 and have been reveling in having a fridge, freezer, and air conditioning.  I had sorely missed feeling the boat rock with the wind and … Continue reading

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June 14– July 3, 2017: Time keeps on tickin’

Over the last two+ weeks we’ve reached some large milestones and gotten some huge weather-dependent projects done.  It’s good to be over that hump and to not have to be so freaked out about whether or not it’s going to … Continue reading

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June 5-13, 2017: Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug

And I’m proud to say that over the last eight days, we have most assuredly been the windshield.  We have been kicking some serious butt on the exterior of the boat:  hull, boot stripe, caprail, and bottom. First we dealt … Continue reading

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