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April 28-30, 2017: Offshore from Charleston to Oriental, NC

This passage couldn’t have been a clearer example of an important principle we’ve learned in cruising:  plan well, and you will be well. The Captain and I had been agonizing over weather forecasts before we even got to Charleston, trying … Continue reading

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April 20-26, 2017: Charleston, SC

We were planning to make Charleston a relatively short stop, but predicted bad weather forced us to stay put.  Gee, rats! We ended up staying a week at the Charleston City Marina on the Megadock.  This is the closest thing … Continue reading

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April 17-20, 2017: Offshore from Fernandina Beach, FL, to Beaufort, SC, to Charleston, SC

We left Fernandina Beach on April 17, 2017.  The overnight offshore passage from Fernandina Beach to Beaufort couldn’t have been more different from the last one we undertook (Miami to Vero Beach).  The winds were very light (0-10 knots), the … Continue reading

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Feb. 1-2, 2017: Beaufort, SC, to Cumberland Island National Seashore, GA –or- We Got the Beat

We had a great offshore journey from Beaufort, SC, to Cumberland Island National Seashore, GA.  We left the mooring field in Beaufort at 7:45 AM to good weather.  The winds were S/SW at 10-15 knots, gusting to 20 knots, and … Continue reading

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Jan. 25: Toogoodoo Creek to Beaufort, SC

We knew that today’s leg would be through some very shoal areas, so we needed as much water under the keel as possible.  High tide was at 7:05 AM, so we were motoring out of Toogoodoo Creek at 7 AM.  … Continue reading

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Jan. 24: Charleston to Toogoodoo Creek, SC

I know that when we meet people that live on land and they learn that we are full time cruisers, they have visions of a life of relaxation, of umbrella drinks, clear blue ocean, and tiki bars.  A vacation, essentially.  … Continue reading

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Jan. 20, 2017: Charleston, SC

Charleston has been a whirlwind of walking and eating, our two favorite things.  The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous, although that will change on Sunday.  We love to each breakfast out, and we had one of the best meals of … Continue reading

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