We are two full-time cruisers on our 1989 Island Packet 35, Kestrel, working our way to the spots that interest us.

In 2015 we began our big adventure, selling pretty much everything we own and moving aboard our boat.

In 2016 we sailed from North Carolina to the Chesapeake Bay, the Delaware Bay, up along New Jersey, up the East River through New York City, Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, and finally Narragansett Bay.

In early 2017 we sailed from North Carolina to Key West, visiting many points in Florida along the way.  We did more overnight or multi-day offshore sailing during that journey and decided that we really like ocean sailing as compared to the ICW.

In the winter of 2017-summer of 2018 we sailed from North Carolina to Florida and then to Cuba.  After a quick detour back to Florida, we cruised the Abacos in the Bahamas and then came back to Florida to have scheduled major rigging work done.

Winter of 2018-spring of 2019 was spent in the boatyard in Oriental, NC, having our water tank and fuel tank replaced, making numerous upgrades to the boat, and working at a local sail loft/canvas shop..  

The summer of 2019 will be spent trying out more northerly cruising in Maine and Canada.

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